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000. sticky: not adding; on semi-hiatus. ♥

a girl with a name. young, single, passionate, loyal, determined, sarcastic, stubborn, loves the unexpected. i ramble a lot and i don't like talking about myself, yet i update my journal often. my current obsessions are supernatural, gilmore girls, lost, law & order: svu, titanic, harry potter, the stolen child, my sister's keeper, a great and terrible beauty, twilight, tom felton, ingrid michaelson, david cook, matt nathanson, a fine frenzy, & sara bareilles.

capricorn. ambitious, careful, humorous, reserved, tenacious, resourceful, wise, constant, realistic/practical, passionate, self-sufficient, confident, witty, kind of a loner, can be bossy, doesn't quickly forgive (but forgives eventually), likes to be in control, perfectionist, cautious, can be pessimistic & emotionally cold when upset.

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