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000. the 'five things' harry potter fic exchange

The 'Five Things'
Harry Potter Fic Exchange


I've always been a fan of fics like Five People Lily Evans Never Fell In Love With and I thought, why not make a fic exchange using that as the general theme? So, that's what this is! And I also know that so many of us are working on fics for Big Bang Projects and we need a break to write something a little shorter than we can post soon after we finish. Check below the lj-cut for the rest of the information on how you can participate! :)

What You Need To Do/Know To Participate
1. You have to use the 'five things' idea as your prompts, such as "Five People So-And-So Snogged", "Five Places So-And-So Will Never Visit", or other things like that. "Four People So-And-So Hexed (And One He Didn't)" also counts as a 'five things' prompt. ;)
2. Check out the dates below so you know when your fic is due. I understand real life gets in the way, so if you can't write your fic or it's going to be late, just let me know! I promise I won't be upset. :D
3. Fill out the form completely when you sign up!
4. Every fic needs to be at least 1000 words. (It's not as much as it seems, I promise. The fic I linked to above, Five People Lily Evans Never Fell In Love With, is about 1400 words!)
5. Have fun and be creative with your prompts. Try not to do any repeats, please. (If someone puts "Five Times So-And-So Thought She Fell In Love", maybe you can put "Four Times So-And-So Didn't Fall In Love (And One She Did)" or even use another person altogether!)
6. All fics must be beta-read, no exceptions.
7. Writers have the right to pick and choose from the prompts they are assigned. You're not committed to including everything the person you're writing for wants. I want you to be as creative as you can be, so don't limit yourself! It's alright if you stray from the prompt a little, but try to stick as close to the main prompt as you can.
8. Please do not post your fic before the due date! (If you must, you can post it a day or two before, but I would really rather you waited until the actual due date!)
9. More information on how your fics will be given/received will be emailed to you and also posted here at my journal as that time gets closer (expect the email in early-mid May).
10. Have fun! :D

Dates To Remember
Sign-Ups: April 19th - April 24th @ 10 AM (Pacific)
Assignments Sent Out: April 25th/26th
Fics Due: May 30th

If you need an extension for some reason, please either send me a PM or email me: :)

Fill Out This Form & Put It In A Comment

People Signed Up
1. lighting
2. fifthofdecember
3. abigail_nicole
4. drcjsnider
5. scarletladyy
6. x0whitelily0x
7. fairydawn
8. mabonwitch
9. honorarymaraudr
10. rosamondandcats
11. grayglube
12. birdseyeview
13. pcdarkrose
14. bgreenwivy
15. ladysophiekitty
16. wotcher_wombat
17. seatigers
18. ellielove_x3
19. emiliamarie
20. peskywhistpaw
21. a_shadow_there
22. myherodrowning
23. fathomlesssky
24. stonegrad
25. running_shadow
26. red_erythros
27. woldy
28. catchthecat
29. sarahyyy
30. bluemoon02
31. mugglemama
32. marie_j_granger
33. distantemotivo
34. captainpookey
35. vegetasbubble
36. wwmrsweasleydo
37. allie_meril
38. gala_apples
39. kryptiq
40. alexajohnson
41. catalinacat
42. kellychambliss
43. lore
44. dorisworld
45. highlystrung
46. xxlareinaxx

Please remember to pimp this at your journal and at your communities! :D
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