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Multi-Fandom Request-A-Fic Meme Type-Thing :D

Multi-Fandom Request-A-Fic
Meme Type-Thing

I figured it was time to do something fun at my journal and Mell really wanted me to do this, so here we are. This is one of those things where you fill out the form requesting a fic that you want and then other people come by and get inspired and write a drabble/fic based on your request. If you still don't understand, just look at the first comment (and it's reply) for a good example. Please make sure to advertise this meme so that requests get filled faster!

Request Form:
Subject: Fandom (Character/Pairing)

Drabble/Fic Request-Filled Form:
Subject: Title - Fandom (Character/Pairing)

Drabble/Fic Masterlist: [47]
Ex: Happily Ever After by fallenmelody - One Tree Hill (Nathan/Haley)
What Happens When You Can't See? by hey_mockingbird - Twilight (Alice/Bella)
Untitled by tunasaladsonnet - Twilight (Emmett/Bella)
Wreck of the Day by fallenmelody - RPF (Kristen/Robert)
Doesn't Mean I'm Boring by featherwoman - Twilight (Garrett/Kate)
How To Spell 'Deathwish' by featherwoman - Twilight (Garrett/Kate)
Sunrise by pcdarkrose - Harry Potter (Lily/James)
Escalation by pirazz - Harry Potter (Draco/Hermione)
Moments by backtograce - Gossip Girl (Nate/Serena)
Throwing Sand On The Fire by featherwoman - Twilight (Jacob/Bella)

I Will See You In The Next Life by nowadventuring - Supernatural (Sam/Dean)
And the Problem Is... by krazykat_neko - Twilight (Edward/Rosalie)
Beginning by bluesuzanne - Twilight (Jacob/Leah)
Untitled by kirstenxashley - Twilight (Jacob/Leah)
Disgust by manda_lalala - Twilight (Edward/Jacob)
Untitled by folding - Twilight (Jacob/Bella)
Miss to Kiss by equinox_blue - Twilight (Alice/Jasper)
These Bruises and Contusions Will Remind Me by joesocool - Harry Potter (Harry/Hermione)
Summer Was Painted on Our Skin by calikalie - Gossip Girl (Nate/Serena)
Pieces by replays - One Tree Hill/Twilight (Brooke/Edward)

Bad Influences by replays - Twilight (Jacob/Bella)
The Gift by replays - Gilmore Girls (Jess/Rory)
Stay by replays - Twilight (Jacob/Bella)
Never Knowing by replays - Gossip Girl (Dan/Serena)
Q&A by replays - Gossip Girl (Chuck/Blair)
Imprint by replays - Twilight (Jacob/Bella)
Nor Hand, Nor Foot by peskywhistpaw - Harry Potter (Scorpius/Rose)
Not The End by krazykat_neko - Gilmore Girls (Jess/Rory)
The Solar Constant by anandrine - Twilight (Jacob/Bella)
Oil on the Puddle by rayerei - Twilight (Jacob/Bella)

Cushioned by pumaful - Twilight (Seth/Edward)
Truth by asherz86 - Twilight (Jacob/Bella)
Liar Liar by asherz86 - Twilight (Jacob/Bella)
Kisses by deadlychagrin - Twilight (Jacob/Bella)
The Dog by replays - Twilight (Jacob/Bella)
Guilty Pleasure by joesocool - Harry Potter (Ron/Lavender)
This Growing Certainty by anandrine - Twilight (Jacob/Bella)
Handle With Love by anandrine - Twilight (Jacob/Bella)
A Different Kind of Afternoon by asherz86 - Twilight (Jacob/Bella)
Historical by pumaful - Harry Potter (Moody/Tonks)

Fifty by pirazz - Twilight (Leah/Paul)
Honestly by kirstenxashley - Twilight (Jacob/Bella)
It's All In Your Head by featherwoman - Twilight (Edward/Alice)
Some Dance To Forget by odette_river - Narnia (Susan/Lucy)
Storyteller by angela_weber - Narnia (Caspian/Edmund)
Break by trinityday - Harry Potter (Sirius/Lily)
Those Were The Days by captainpookey - Harry Potter (Remus/Sirius)
Tags: fic, meme
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