brittany. (lighting) wrote,

picspam: britt's best of 2008.

made for picspammy's latest challenge, lol. this style of picspam is really new to me and i'm not sure what i think of it yet, lol. it's kind of a combination of a few different ones i've seen and really liked. the layout of the pictures/words in each banner is something i saw in a few different picspams over the past few days. it seems popular lately, so i just wanted to give it a try (and put my own spin on it, obviously). the big white space with a light grey border is from a ton of picspams/banners/etc that float around lj. i think it turned out okay, if i do say so myself! ;) anyway, this is basically a review of everything i consider to be the best of 2008. not everything was made, written, or recorded in 2008. in fact, most things in this picspam arent'! it's mostly just things i loved during this year. :) enjoy, and remember: comments are appreciated! this took me three days to finish, rofl. ♥

the celebrities i loved throughout 2008.

the tv shows i loved to watch throughout 2008.

the films i loved, and watched over & over throughout 2008.

world wide web.
the websites i loved and visited frequently throughout 2008.

lj obsessions.
the things i obsessed over on lj throughout 2008.

the pieces of fiction i read & loved throughout 2008.

the music i listened to & loved throughout 2008.

the couples i loved & cheered for throughout 2008.

credit: the pictures in the "best of 2008" banner were taken by/feature lesretrouvailles on flickr. the stock icons in the lj obsessions section are by goldenmelisande. the fanfiction (scorpius/rose ; harry potter series) featured in the lj obsessions section was written by everything_inme. the lj layout in the lj obsessions section can be found at palebird. the picspam of ingrid michaelson featured in lj obsessions section can be found at anythingbutgrey's journal. the jacob/bella manips featured in the ships section are by yoursolace and kairisume.
Tags: (public), livejournal obsession, my favorite things, picspam
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